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There is no better association then the word “camiño” with the city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, certainly not when this association is carried out by one of the most proud ambassadors of this town : Ialma.

The four enchanting ‘cantareiras‘ of Ialma sing for more then 20 years now songs from their birth region Galicia. Véronica, Magali, Marisol and Natalia do keep contact constantly from their today’s hometown Brussels. The Galician traditions and culture are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A source who allows them to create a repertoire of songs and dances, rooted in Galicia and adapted to the way of life in the big metropole of Brussels.

Ialma witnesses the musical and artistic evolution, who started with the mouth to mouth Galician tradition and jumps into a surprising mix with a new generation of rhythms and tendencies.

Camiño is a unique musical experience on which the rich culture and traditions of Galicia are blended with diverse elements from our modern-day globalised world.
Camiño is a clear choice for openness to outside influences. It is the song of women concerned about a world in which values of respect, tolerance and diversity are assailed from all sides.
Camiño wants to share a repertoire with its audience and wants to invite to sing and dance …

The roads who lead to Santiago de Compostela are long and connect landscapes and folks from Europe. But for the many Galicians who left their homeland in such of work and freedom, and to escape the dictatorship, this pilgrimage is the one who brings them back to the culture, to the roots, to the identity who gives this folk a story.

On the road
In the past months Ialma presented their newest project ‘Camiño’ with concerts in  Spain, Austria, France, Germany and Belgium. For the coming season they are available for festivals and concerts all over Europe.

Line-up :

Voices and percussion:

Marisol Palomo
Verónica Codesal
Magali Menendez
Natalia Codesal


Quentin Dujardin / Maarten Decombel


Didier Laloy / Jonathan de Neck / Julien de Borman


More info about Ialma on their website.

Conditions and availibility, contact Loecker – a passion for roots music.

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