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Bears of Legend

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Bears of Legend

Bears of Legend can easily be seen as a progressive folk rock band. However, ‘what’s in a name’.. This Canadian band from Québec province sings mainly English songs. With a rarely seen passion and enthusiasm.

Music made to love!

Bears of Legend delivers a unique and shivering blend of folk, classical and progressive rock music around inspiring and illustrated lyrics. Considered as one of the most energic, active and original bands of Québec, the septuor might have written the craziest thematic concept album of 2015.
Traditional instruments in hands, Bears of Legend innovates on “Ghoswritten Chronicles” with complex arrangements, powerful vocal harmonies and epic orchestral themes.
Their sound comes close to our Belgian Douglas Firs or Mumford & Sons.

In 2016 Bears of Legend tours for the first time in Europe with concerts in Belgium, Netherlands, France and Switzerland. The band is available (and will give priority) to European summer festival in 2017.

Line-up :

David Laverne: voice, multi instrumentalist
Francis Perron: percussion
Christelle Chartray: cello
Claudine Roy: piano
Jean-François Grenier: double bass
Jacynthe Poirier Morand: accordion, xylophone
Guillaume Grenier: guitar, banjo

More info about Bears of Legend :

Conditions and availability, please contact Loecker – a passion for roots music

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