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Corou de Berra

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Corou de Berra

Corou de Berra offres A Cappella singing at a professional level.

Based in the Southern Alps, the group produces for more than 20 years now concerts in entire Europe.

The repertoire changes in function of the show. It heads traditional songs of the Southern Alps to the most unexpected and contemporary creations. The songs are sung in all minority languages of the regions Provence, Nice, Piedmont, Occitan,….

Since its existence, Corou de Berra mixes several musical genres with polyphonic singing.

By their permanent work in the field, their heritage research, recordings, artwork and numerous concerts, these six singers of Corou de Berra ensure a lively and dynamic future to this specific regional vocal expression.

Corou de Berra is a professional ensemble.

The band exists for more then 20 years now. They have released 11 CD’s and collaborated on 9 CD’s and DVD’s.
Under the artistic direction of Michael Bianco, the group offers five programs.
A Cappella; Miédjou; between jazz and cappella; sacred Music and Caléna. provide all info and tunes on this fantastic band.

For availability and conditions, please contact Loecker – a passion for roots music.

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