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De Temps Antan

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De Temps Antan

Wow, what a band! In April 2015 De Temps Antan toured three weeks in Wallonia, Germany and Flanders. Each concert turned into a great party.
Uncontrolled laughter, catchy music, a funny presentation and not to forget the Québecois thonge..

De Temps Antan started with the idea to play only a couple of concerts a year, but soon this trio turned into a popular Québec band touring around the World.

It takes a special blend of musical flair to create memorable songs of yesteryear! Songs with a hint of contemporary – dosed with deep rooted couplets, and sudden impromptu shifts – that speak to familiar rhythms of the past. Welcome to the Original musical stylings of De Temps Antan!
Only three musicians on stage, but you would swear you hear six of them. In an explosion of violin, accordion, harmonica, guitar and bouzouki these three musicians form without doubt the most powerful trio of Québec-Canada.

In recent years the band played at many important festivals in Europe, America and Asia. Of which Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia), WOMEX, Mémoires et Racines, La Grande Rencontre and Winnipeg Folk Festival (Canada), APAP (USA), Babelmed (France), Tønder Festival (Denmark), Brosella, Gooikoorts and Dranouter Festival (Belgium), just to name a few.

Always and everywhere these three musicians receive super enthusiast reactions from both press and audiences.

In September 2013 their third CD “Ce Monde ici-bas” was released in Montréal-Canada. One year later they received an award for ‘Traditional album of the year’ by l’ADISQ in Québec.
In 2017 De Temps Antan will present their fourth CD at festivals and in November 2017 they are available to tour in Europe.

Line-up :
Eric Beaudry: voice, foot percussion , guitar and bouzouki
André Brunet: voice, foot percussion, violin
Pierre-Luc Dupuis: voice, foot percussion, accordion, harmonica

More info about De Temps Antan on the website

For conditions and availabilities, please contact Loecker – a passion for roots music.

Musical regards,


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