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Follia! is party. Musical madness, distilled from across the world and bottled in Belgium. A healthy contemporary trendsetter. A lively, up to minute band for your festival, dance hall or arts centre.

Early 1999 Johan Decanq and Sammy Lee Daese played two legendary concerts in Praid and Tirgu Mures, Rumania. Under the Rumanian sky and nurtured by the richly flowing Chuika, the crossover concept of Follia!, where folk and jazz musicians combine the best of both worlds, finally came to full bloom. Follia! was created!

CD cover FOLLIA!

Own lyrics as well as old European lyrics (e.g. songbook Frans Willems – Flanders 19th century) are skilfully used as blue print for the unique Follia! sound. The classical jazz education and the inspiration taken from the folk world’s best musical examples are only pepper and salt in the rich, spicy and adventurous dish that is Follia!
Slow ballads, sparkling songs with oriental inspired incantations, ancient lyrics on a background of psychedelic distortions of the violin; Follia! has it all and brings an irresistible and very exciting mixture of music and dance.

“This band is somewhat the best the lowlands have to offer live. A masterful mix of folk, rock and many other styles, good musicians, ditto show” New Folk Sounds

Line-up :

Indra Boone: voice
Johan Fernand Decancq: bagpipes, flutes and accordion
Sammy Lee Daese: flutes, shawn, keyboards, harmonium and vocals
Jouni Isoherranen: electric bass guitar
Nicolaas Cottenie: fiddle and mandoline
Gabor Vörös: acoustic and electric guitar
Jonathan Callens: drums


More info: provides all info on this fascinating band.

For availability and conditions, please contact Loecker – a passion for roots music.

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