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Korrontzi, the new roots of basque traditional music.

Korrontzi’s goal is to achieve a large audience with their new look on basque traditional music.

In their fourth album “Tradition 2.1” Korrontzi gives us a cosmopolitan vision, a basque traditional music seen from the angle of the trikitixa, merging with music from very different cultures and countries.
In 2012 Korrontzi played a remarkable concert at Gooikoorts Festival. Their appearance was seen by many as the revelation of this year’s edition. Followed by concerts at Scottish Weekend in 2013 and Folkfestival Ham in 2014 Korrontzi established a name for themselves in Belgian folk music scene.

Korrontzi was created by Agus Barandiaran in 2004 in Mungia (Biscay). Korrontzi is Basque traditional music accompanied by today’s technique and helped by the union of modern instruments and dances.

Today Korrontzi celebrates its tenth anniversary with the release of their fifth album “Symphonic Bilbon“. The album foreseen of CD, DVD and book will be released on 3rd of December 2014 on the Basque Baga-Biga Producciones label.
Also this week Korrontzi’s “Tradition 2.1” album has been chosen as number 3 in 2014 best folk albums by the Walloon “Le Canard Trad” magazine.

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