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Plantec , a spearhead, dancing. They play a perfect mix between traditional and experimental.

Their new (eighth) album “KontaKt” was released on 9 October 2015.

Unbridled wild and powerful. Pioneers of the new wave of Breton music over the past ten years, Plantec have led the way by imposing their own iconoclastic vision on the fest noz scene whilst all the time evolving and pushing forward their own musical horizons.

After two years of touring, the trio have returned to the studio to record a new album, an album at the crossroads of acoustic and electronic sound, a sound which invokes a world without boundaries. Inevitably the experience of touring Europe in recent years has resulted in many meetings with other artists and the idea of collaborating with some of these artists soon became self evident. It is thus in the spirit of this collaboration that the new album contains contributions from invited artists, Winston McAnuff & Fixi, Laurite Peleniute (a singer from Lithuania) as well as a female choir. The group also decided to collaborate for a second time with sound engineer, Roli Mossiman (Bjork, Faith no more….). The new album entitled ‘Kontakt’, contains 13 tracks and is symbolic of a Brittany without frontiers.

The two brothers Yannick and Odran Plantec on guitar and bombarde are assisted by DJ Ibril who’s electronic loops and beats enrich the traditional music of Plantec.

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