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In 2017 SHANTALLA exists 20 years. And still in the same line-up as how they started in 1997.
Shantalla is one of the best Celtic bands in the world according to many critics.

Although based in Belgium, the six band members are all Irish and Scottish. Shantalla is the phonetic pronunciation of two Gaelic words ‘Sean Talamh’ and means ‘Old Ground’, a metaphor often used by Irish emigrants to refer to their native country.

Since 1996 Shantalla has built a reputation as a must-see band for its live performances. One minute they can have an audience dancing to their uplifting rhythms, the next sitting captivated by the voice of Helen Flaherty as she sings a song that touches their heart strings. Helen’s charming presence on stage engages audiences and the band’s live performances are powerful and passionate, yet also full of good humour and interaction with the audience. This is why, for nearly 20 years, people come out time and time again to Shantalla’s concerts.  The band has played major theatre and festival stages around Europe, including headlining in 2015 the prestigious Siberian ethnic music festival Mir Sibiri to over 10.000 people – one of very few Celtic acts to do so.

Shantalla has released three CDs to date that have been unanimously well received by critics and public alike, with many commenting on how surprising it is to hear such fresh, well-played and well-arranged music from a band based in Continental Europe.  The music is drawn from many sources – Ireland and Scotland obviously, but also the USA, Canada and Brittany – and includes original compositions, new arrangements of contemporary material and reworkings of traditional music. Each member of the band is individually gifted and experienced and combine together to make a powerful whole.  The unique voice and charm of Helen Flaherty, the driving rhythms of Simon Donnelly and Joe Hennon, and the multi-instrument attack of Michael Horgan, Gerry Murray and Kieran Fahy make Shantalla unique in the world of Celtic music. No other band currently combines the lead instruments of uilleann pipes, accordion, fiddle, flutes and whistles under one roof.

The band is currently working on its fourth CD which will be released in Spring/Summer 2016.

Line-up :

Helen Flaherty : voices and bodhran
Gerry Murray : accordeon
Michael Horgan : uilleann pipes and flute
Kieran Fahy : violin
Simon Donnelly : bouzouki and guitar
Joe Hennon : guitar

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