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TREF is thè reference for diatonic accordion music from Belgium.

The band’s name means encounter and that is what they do, literally. ‘TREF’ means to touch people, to meet people. The group TREF interprets this in the encounter of three diatonic accordions and a world percussion, who touches their audience with their dragging ethnic grooves.

For more then ten years now, this foursome is like an engine for transversal musical research in European folk music. These ambassadors in virtuosity shared stage with popular artists in Belgium and the rest of Europe. They played at Nekkanacht, Francofolies de Spa and Dranouter Festival. International highlights are Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, a tour with more then 60 gigs in France, beside concerts in Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and Germany.

IN 2002 they won the “Radio Klara Muziekprijs” for best folk-CD.
TREF released three albums so far. ’Accordéon Diatonique’, ’Loop to the Moon’ and ’DAMPF’.
The group prepares a forth live CD! We are now looking for festivals in Europe to record this new live album.

These four passionated musicians hold their musical dialogue with traditional rhythms, Jazzy harmonies, moving melodies and rocking grooves. TREF may be considered as unique within the genre, they make every gig a top gig with their music, humour and original compositions.

The group:
Wim Claeys: diatonic accordion;
Bruno Le Tron: diatonic accordion;
Didier Laloy: diatonic accordion;
Fred Malempré: world percussion.

“Tref is an impressive accordion group that explores the limits of the instrument through unusual sounds that hint at jazz, traditional, and rock rhythms while making room for occasional dabs of humor…”                            Paul-Emile Comeau,

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