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Never before has Swedish folk music swung with such intensity. Traditional music with a modern attidtude. Tremendous individual musicians taking ensemble playing to new heights. Acoustic instruments with power and emotion. Nyckelharpa (Swedish keyed fiddle), viola and guitar. Three heads from one body. This is Väsen.

Väsen was started in 1989 by three extraordinary Swedish musicians who shared a love for the traditional music of their home district of Uppland. Their combination of instruments and approach to arranging were unique, and the trio quickly developed a loyal following. Before long, they were performing throughout Scandinavia, then on to the rest of Europe. By 1996, they had added a percussionist and were mostly performing original compositions, touring throughout the world. Since 2001, the band has returned to the trio format, and released four new studio recordings plus a live CD (largely featuring new, original compositions), and has toured extensively in the US and Japan.

A number of things set Väsen apart from other acoustic bands. Their musical interplay is phenomenal; a combination of structure and improvisation that makes every performance unique. Their sense of huour also draws the audience in to the live experience. This combination of virtuosic talent and pure joy endears them to audiences averywhere.

“You don’t have to know Nordic Music to love Väsen. The musicianship is brilliant – traditional AND innovative, played by incredible engaging artists. After the first time they played Bloomington, our audineces were hooked; now, every Väsen show attracts more people than before. They’re one of the best groups on the planet.”
Lee Williams, Lotus World Music & Arts Festival, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

“The three demonstrate such a singularity of purpose and are so attuned to each other, it sounds as if a six-handed individual were manipulating three instruments at once.”

Eric Feber, The Pilot

Line-up : 

Olov Johansson: nyckelharpa
Roger Tallroth: 12-string guitar
Mikael Marin: violin

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