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Sharnègo is a Gascon word which refers to villages on the Gascony and Basque border in which people express themselves in both Basque and Gascon language. 

We also call ‘Sharnègo’ the children of mixted marriages between Basks and Gascon couples.
Xarnège is a meeting place between traditional music of this region played on the most modern way possible of making music today.

‘Sharnègo’ is he who knows and loves both cultures, is he who is able to express himself in both ways. It is not important to know where this melody comes from, who was the first who danced this dance, who invented this instrument…
What counts is that we are able to do things together starting from elements of different origin.

With this spirit Xarnège produces its music. Music who originates in both countries, in both cultures. Traditional music using traditional and modern instruments like hurdy-gurdy, one hand flute, snare-tamborin, alboka, boha (bagpipes), careméra, txanbela, fiddle, bouzouki, mandoline and special effects on computer. And don’t forget the vocals!

Xarnege’s music is traditional; rich in ancient timbre and difficult to define. With this music one can dance and sing as our ancestors did.

Line-up :

Joan Baudoin: hurdy-gurdy, boha, flute, careméra, vocals and Gascon percussions
Lucia Longué: flutes, careméra, besson, vocals and diatonic accordion
Simon Guillaumin: electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy and vocals
Joséan Martin: guitar, bouzouki and mandoline
Juan Ezeiza fiddle and alboka provides all info on this fascinating band.

For availability and conditions, please contact Loecker – a passion for roots music.

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